To ensure that participants are rewarded fairly, we needed to establish some ground rules.

Please note that any receipts flagged under these thresholds will not qualify for rewards. However, if you feel a receipt was incorrectly flagged, feel free to let us know anytime via the live chat bubble or in the app. 

Old Receipts

A receipt must be uploaded to the app no more than 14 days after the transaction date as it appears on the receipt.

Store Threshold 

Regardless of the day they are uploaded and the location of the business, you can upload up to 3 receipts from the same store with the same transaction date.  

Receipts comprise the threshold as they are processed in our system so if you upload more than 3 receipts at once, the 3 receipts that finish processing first will qualify. Shorter receipts tend to process before longer receipts and may cause the disqualification of long receipts for rewards. Longer receipts naturally may take a bit longer to process since they have more information.

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