While we accept most receipts, if the receipt is missing one of the following information, it will be rejected:

  • Retailer name
  • Purchased items & prices 
  • Purchase date & time
  • Total spent

Below are some common examples of receipts we DO NOT accept: 

  • Service receipts, i.e. movie tickets, train tickets, cleaning service etc. 
  • EFTPOS receipts
  • Receipts older than 14 days
  • Hand written receipts
  • A4 size receipts
  • Receipts that are $0
  • Receipts outside of Australia
  • Refund/Return of Purchase Receipts

We do not accept service receipts:

  • Flight / bus / train tickets
  • Ride share receipts
  • Movie or event tickets
  • Gift card purchases
  • Australia Post
  • Internet, phone or electricity bills
  • Any other service receipts

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