While we accept most receipts, if the receipt is missing one of the following information, it will be rejected:

 ·  Retailer name

 ·  Purchase date & time

 ·  Total spent

Below are some common examples of receipts we DO NOT accept: 

  • EFTPOS receipts / bank slips
  • Receipts older than 30 days
  • Hand written receipts
  • A4 size receipts
  • Receipts that are $0
  • Non-English/Foreign Receipts
  • Refund/Return of Purchase Slips
  • Service Invoices/Non-Retailer Businesses
  • Non-Standard Receipts Not Printed From a Cash Register

We do not accept service receipts:

  • Flight / bus / train tickets
  • Ride share receipts
  • Movie or event tickets
  • Gift card purchases
  • Australia Post
  • Internet, phone or electricity bills
  • Any other service receipts

See specific examples below:

Credit Card Slips:

These types of receipts often contain the business' name and transaction total for your purchase, but does not contain info on what you've purchased. 

To qualify for rewards your receipt uploads must contain the following in clear & unaltered form:

  1. Store name
  2. List of Items Purchased with Prices
  3. Transaction Total
  4. Date of Transaction

Receipts with ambiguous store names, missing the purchased items entirely, or receipts that are cut off/too faded in any of those 4 areas will not be rewarded.


Hand-Written Receipts:

Hand-Written receipts would include any receipt that was not printed from a traditional cash register or POS system. Unfortunately we cannot accept these receipts because they can be easily created or altered to game our system for rewards.

Non-English/Foreign Receipts:

Unocart only accepts receipts from Australia (in Australian Dollar). Non-English receipts or receipts from non-participating countries will not be accepted.

Refund/Return of Purchase Slips:

Refund and return slips would include those receipts that you receive after returning a product.

Service Invoices/Non-Retailer Businesses:

Service invoices would include receipts that you'd receive from service providers. A service provider is defined as a place of business that does not sell retail products as their primary means of business. But rather, charges for a particular service provided to the consumer. A few examples of service providers would include:

  • Hotel
  • Auto repairs
  • Train/bus tickets
  • Government agencies
  • Health services (doctors, dentist, optometrist, etc.)
  • Movies tickets

Please note: smaller businesses that are housed within a service provider, (i.e. hospital cafeteria or hotel restaurant) also do not qualify for rewards.

Non-Standard Receipts Not Printed From a Cash Register:

Non-standard receipts would include receipts that do not come in standard form like those typically received from major retailers (i.e. Coles or Woolworths). A defining factor that would make a receipt non-standard, would be how a receipt's information is formatted on the receipt. 

An example of a business that may sometimes provide non-standard receipts would include: auto part stores or pharmacies.



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