To qualify for rewards your receipt uploads must contain the following in clear & unaltered form:

  1. Store name
  2. List of Items Purchased with Prices
  3. Transaction Total
  4. Date of Transaction

Receipts with ambiguous store names, missing the purchased items entirely, or receipts that are cut off/too faded in any of those 4 areas will not be rewarded.

Duplicate Receipts

If your receipt has been disqualified as a "Duplicate", it means that receipt already exists in our database! For more information feel free to check out this article: What are duplicate receipts? 

Old Receipts

A receipt must be uploaded to the app no more than 14 days after the transaction date as it appears on the receipt.

Store Threshold 

Regardless of the day they are uploaded and the location of the business, you can upload up to 3 receipts from the same store with the same transaction date.  

Receipts comprise the threshold as they are processed in our system so if you upload more than 3 receipts at once, the 3 receipts that finish processing first will qualify. Shorter receipts tend to process before longer receipts and may cause the long receipts to no longer qualify for rewards. Longer receipts naturally may take a bit longer to process since they have more information.

E-Receipts/Online Invoices

We do not currently reward individual e-receipts. 

 Please Note: Receipts that trigger any of threshold become ineligible and cannot be uploaded a second time or they will be flagged as duplicates. These limits exist to prevent individuals from purposefully abusing our system or submitting receipts that are not their own.

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