Once you’ve earned certain amounts of Points, you can redeem them for e-gift cards, or real cash via PayID. 

How to redeem?

Simply go to the Redeem tap, "Cash out your points", and select the preferred gift card or enter your PayID. You also have the option to donate your points to a charity.

Please note, you will need to complete your profile survey before cashing out points.


What kinds of receipts do we accept? 

Make sure to read this first so your receipts won't get rejected.

✅ We accept receipts from ANY STORE as long as:

  • you've purchased a tangible product;
  • the receipt includes store name, address, product name(s), product price(s), total price and date/time.

Receipts that we don't accept

Receipts must be yours, NOT from your friends, colleagues or strangers
🚫 The item purchased must be for personal use, not commercial use
🚫 Receipts must not be older than 30 days
🚫 Duplicate
receipts are not accepted
🚫 Do not split
a single purchase to make multiple receipts (yeah! we'd know)
We do not accept A4 receipts (but you can send us the email version)
🚫 We do not accept service receipts, i.e. bus/train tickets, movies, dry cleaning etc.

 ⚠️ Violating the above guidelines might results in point deduction or account suspension.


How many points do I need to redeem?

  • 1,000 / 1,100 points = $5
  • 2,900 points = $15
  • 3,900 points = $20
  • 9,500 points = $50
  • 19,000 points = $100

Do the gift cards have any limitations?

The gift cards are just like your normal Woolworths/Coles gift cards. We buy directly from the retailers so the limitations are set by them not us.

What is PayID

PayID is a safe & instant transfer between banks. You can set up your PayID via your bank's mobile apps or online banking sites. More info about PayID: https://payid.com.au

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