Surveys are a great way to earn points by answering a few questions on products you've purchased.

Where can I find my available surveys?

You can find all the surveys you’re qualified for in the Rewards tab. 

Why do I have to complete the Profile Survey to see other surveys?

You must complete the profile survey in order to see and complete other surveys. Reason being is that each survey is targeted to a certain People Group. In order for us to allocate you to a People Group, you must complete the Profile Survey.

How often will I receive surveys?

After the introductory surveys, most surveys are made available to users who meet certain conditions. The frequency of surveys can vary heavily by user since everyone has different shopping habits. For example, surveys are specifically triggered by purchasing an item of interest to our system, purchasing at certain retailers, or meeting a variety of other survey-dependent conditions.

However, consistently snapping your receipts is the best way to increase your chances of receiving surveys. So keep snapping those receipts and look out for bonus surveys that pop up!

Do Surveys Expire?

Yes, keep in mind that our surveys may expire. This can depend on whether a survey has received enough responses or the number of respondents have reached a certain quota. Some surveys may accept more responses than others, but we generally recommend that you take the survey as soon as possible to increase your chances of claiming those bonus reward.

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