We are currently migrating your receipts to our new database, hence why your "old points and receipts" have disappeared. But don't worry, they are still there! You should see them back in your account in 2 days.

In the mean time, you can still continue to upload receipts. The new receipts will now go straight to the new data base.

Sorry for the inconveniences caused!


If you realise all your points disappeared, don't worry! It's likely due to the following reasons:

  1. You're logged out
  2. Your app needs an update

To see your points again, try the following 2 steps:

  • Make sure you're logged in:
    You can check whether you're logged in by visiting the Account Page
  • Make sure your app is updated:
    Simply go to your app store and search "Unocart" or "UnoMoney", and see if the "Update" button is available
  • Reset your app:
    If none of the above does the trick, go to your Accounts page, scroll down to the bottom and you'll see a small line of text as the 'App Version'. Double tap on this line of text and your app will reset. 

If you are still having troubles, tap on the chat bubble on this page and someone will be with you in 20 mins. 

Remember to leave your email with the Operator so you get notified when we reply. 

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