How does it work? 

  1. Take clear pics of your receipts after shopping to earn points.
  2. Cash out your ReceiptJar points for gift cards or cash (via PayID).


What kind of receipts can I gain points from?

Whenever you've purchased anything physical products, such as groceries, electronic, clothes and pet supplies, you can be sure to submit those receipts.

How do I know what kinds of receipts are accepted?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Did you purchase any physical products (gift cards excluded)? If so, yes it's accepted. Exceptions include but not limited to: movie tickets, train tickets, cleaning services etc.
  2. Was the purchase date within 14 days from now? If so, yes it's accepted
  3. Have I submitted this receipt before? If no, then yes it's accepted


Receipts that we DO NOT accept:

  • Service receipts, such as movie tickets, train tickets, bus tickets, Uber receipts, Groupon, gift card purchases and car maintenance receipts
  • Receipts older than 14 days
  • EFTPOS receipts
  • A4 receipts. Receipts in A4 format are currently not supported


Gaming the system

We have a strict fraud detection system in place to prevent fraudulent activities. If your account is flagged with more than 3 counts of suspicious activities, you will not be able to cash out. To avoid putting all your hard work into waste, please do not intentionally game the system. 

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