Can't remember which email I used 

If you're having trouble logging in, first confirm the email address you used for your UnoMoney account. Using an incorrect login email address is usually the first problem to occur, so please check back to see which email account you originally used to signup with UnoMoney. 

If you have multiple email inboxes and cannot remember which email you used, it may help to search each inbox for any emails from UnoMoney or Unocart to determine which you signed up with.

I remember my email but not the password

What if I know my email address, but can't remember my password? At the Login page you will see an option to reset your password. Make sure you only enter your account email though because a new password will only be sent to emails that are registered in our system.

For security reasons, you cannot send your password to any other email besides your account email. It may take a few minutes for your new password to arrive in your email inbox. Please also be sure to double check your spam or trash folders if needed.

Be sure that you are only using the Login page to login and not the Sign Up page or else you may accidentally create a second account.

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