What does it mean?

If your receipts are being rejected because of the reason "too many receipts", this means you have uploaded more than 3 receipts from the same retailer, all of which have the same transaction date. 

This would indicate that you

  • actually shopped at that particular retailer more than 3 times on the same day, or
  • you're submitting someone else's receipts 

Whose receipts can you submit?

You can submit your own receipts or any receipts obtained by your household.

Please DO NOT submit receipts from friends, customers or anyone else unless they are part of your household. The submission of receipts that do not reflect your household's shopping trips is in violation of our terms & conditions, and may result in a point deduction for repeated offenses.

Some receipts also contain others personal information. Submitting it without their consent could put you at risks of violating the privacy law. 

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