Where to enter your referral code?

⚠️ You will NOT be able to enter a code if you have uploaded receipts. ⚠️

The referral code is only for new users who have no uploaded any receipts.

1) On Receipt page

When you first sign up to ReceiptJar, go to the Receipt page, and you will see a button where you can enter your code.

2) On Redeem page

  1. Go to the Redeem page.
  2. Below the Share button, there is an option to Enter Referral Code
  3. Once entered, upload a receipt

Why haven't I receive my 200 points?

If you have given your code to a friend, and have not received your 200 points:

  1. Check if they have entered your code
  2. Check if they have uploaded an approved receipt

They must complete the above for you to receive your 200 points.

Scamming the system

We have a zero tolerance on referral scamming. Anyone who creates fake accounts to get referral points will get their accounts suspended.

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