What type of retailers are included:

As a rule of thumb, most receipts, EXCEPT from restaurant & cafe, hand written receipts and EFTPOS receipts will be accepted. 

Including these types of retailers and a few examples:

  1. Grocery / Supermarket, i.e. Coles & Woolworths and independent grocery stores 
  2. Convenience & Corner Stores, i.e. Caltex, BP, EzyMart (⚠️Receipts submitted from petrol stations must contain consumer products. Petrol only receipts are not supported) 
  3. Pet Stores, i.e. City Farmers 
  4. Pet Stores, i.e. City Farmers 
  5. Bottle Stores, i.e. Dan Murphy's
  6. Pharmacies, i.e. Chemist Warehouse, Priceline and independents
  7. Homewares stores, i.e. Bunnings
  8. Department stores, i.e. Myer & David Jones 
  9. Electronics, i.e. JB Hi-Fi
  10. Fast food chains, i.e. McDonald's, Subway & KFC. See entire list here.

Information you must include in a qualifying receipt:

  1. Store / Retailer Name
  2. All items and the prices of the items
  3. Total purchase amount
  4. Date of purchase


Learn more on the Receipt Limitations article: http://help.unocart.com/unopoints-and-rewards/receipts/are-there-any-receipt-limitations

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